PhotoPrep Frequently Answered Questions


About the Free Trial Version

Sales and Licensing



Product Questions


What is PhotoPrep?

PhotoPrep is a photo editor specifically designed for editing auction and online commerce photos. It is a Windows desktop application that combines thumbnail browsing and streamlined editing into one integrated tool.

For more detailed info see our Feature Tour page.


Who is PhotoPrep for?

PhotoPrep users fall into two main groups:

  1. People starting out with online sales and want an easy to learn and easy to use editor. .
  2. Or people who sell a lot and want to save time editing their photos.


System Requirements

  • Windows XP,7,8,10
  • 1 gigabyte of memory or more recommended.


About the Free Trial Version


Is there a free version?

Yes. You can install and use PhotoPrep for a 30 day free trial period. All the features work, the only limitation is the time period.


What if my 30 days expires before I get a chance to try it out?

Contact us and we can extend the trial period


Do I need to reinstall after purchase?

No need. The trial version and the full version are one and the same.


Sales and Licensing Questions


Does PhotoPrep have a subscription?

No. You purchase it once and can use it as long as you want with no further costs.



$29.95 for a single license. We have a specially priced ‘2 pack’ if you need more than one license, say for a laptop and a desktop PC.


What payment methods can I use to purchase?

Credit/debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Payments.


How do upgrades work?

You will be notified in the app when an upgrade is available. Installing is automatic once you approve the upgrade.


What happens after I purchase the product?

We will send you an email with your license key and instructions on how to use it.


I purchased a license but I haven’t gotten an email with the key yet.

Check your email spam folder first. IF you don’t find email from Pixby contact us.


What are the license terms?

The license is per PC, not per user. For example if you want PhotoPrep on two PCs you need two licenses. Note that we have a special discount for multiple licenses.


Can I buy multiple licenses?

Yes contact us for details.


Do you have special terms for non-profit and educational institutions?

Yes contact us for details.


Support Questions


What is activation?

When you enter your key the app is activated to your PC. If you want to move to another PC you can deactivate on the first PC then install and activate on the other PC.


Can I move to another PC?

Yes. To do that you deactivate on the current PC, then go to the new PC, install it and enter the key to activate it.


What if I lose my key?

Don’t worry! Contact us and we will email it to you.


What if my PC crashes and I move to a new PC?

If you have your key install and enter it. Otherwise contact us.