Privacy Policy

Your privacy is really important to us at Pixby. This page describes what information is about you is collected and how it is used. If you have and questions please contact use via the Feedback and Support tool (see the button on the right?).



  • We collect some information in order to help us improve the web site and product.
  • No personal information will ever be shared without your personal consent.


Collection and Use of Anonymous Information

We collect anonymous information that cannot be tracked to you personally about use of the website and the product. For the website this may include information about your browser, operating system, which pages you click on, etc. The website uses cookies and other tracking tools to better understand how people are using the site.
We also collect anonymous information about the operation of PhotoPrep for support and product analysis purposes.


Collection and Use of Personal information

We collect email addresses from those who choose to opt-in to the beta program. These are used for communicating news and other information about the beta program.
We send emails from time to time with product information and news. Emails we send you may include a web beacon (small image) that tells us whether you have received or opened the mail. You can unsubscribe to those emails – follow the instructions at the bottom of the mail message.


Changes To Our Privacy Policy

From time to time we may modify or update this policy.